Starting a Virtual Assistant business with Priorities

Starting a virtual assistant business is the ideal situation for any stay at home mom! For most VAs, our business exists because we need to be a mom and wife and have a flexible schedule. But still want to contribute more to life than just our reproduction and maid skills. So what happens when I haven’t even launched business and I’m blaming the kids for not making progress!? Time to reevaluate who’s really at fault here!

Believe it or not, I have more ambition to pick it all back up and keep going even stronger!! Contributing to our family income has always been rewarding for most.  A few things I’m having to figure out:

  • Stay Organized. Well Duh, right!?  Virtual Assistants are primarily type A, OCD, and super picky organized persons when it comes to doing work (that’s pretty much what makes us great!).  But do we apply that same skill into parenting and making life easier on the children?….not so much. From the time our feet hit the ground, we would benefit from being very organized to complete chores and “home life”. As a result of that we’ll end up with more uninterrupted time to work at the computer and grow our business.
  • Stick to the Planned Hours of Work.  Going into this business, I knew I never wanted to compromise my first priorities of being a mom and wife. So it’s best to set aside specific hours of the days that are designated “work” hours. This will set a precedence not only for the kids/husbands/pets/house cleaning expectations but also for clients that are contracted on. Starting it now and implementing it into the business plans saves us from a headache later on in life.
  • Be Consistent but yet Flexible.   This is the hardest for me. But really its applicable for all areas of life. All organizations skills, parenting plans, business plans can easily be interrupted and changed. But the attitude that is maintained throughout each occasion is what should always be the same. Staying steadfast and flexible to each situation will grow your business with trust and respect for who you are as a person. And who doesn’t want that!?

That just a few of the thoughts I’ve come across over the last week or so that I’ve had to put business on hold. And in all honesty, its really not the children’s fault at all!

Showing grace to all those around us (husbands included!) and rolling with the punches will get us so much further in this business than we realize. Clients can sense the honesty and consistency in a person just by how they present themselves in any form of communication. If you’re happy, graceful, and respectable then that will reflect desirable sense of professionalism. In all honesty, the current generation of people going into the workforce, professionalism is desperately needed to be carried on and taught.

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