Getting Started

We’re about a month in since deciding on the Virtual Administrative Services business. And honestly, I’m still just as excited about doing as I was the first day! It’s exciting to get started on a new adventure and learn how to climb over obstacles that keep me from moving forward. Major Obstacle #1 – this silly website. I completely understand the need to have one and REALLY want to have one but who knew WordPress would be so difficult!? Just when I thought I was making progress, I sat down to do more today and it is NOT doing what I think I’m telling it to do! So I’m busting out all the resources; YouTube videos, Support Forums and anything else I can find to help me through. The goal is to have it all set up by October so I have some time. Obstacle #2 – creating a logo. I’m not very graphically creative so I’ve also reached out to other resources to come up with some idea. I did get colors nailed down though! That was a huge relief.
The excitement of it all is still enough to keep the drive going so I’ll keep plugging away at it. Best of luck to all of the aspiring VAs in the world! WE all are so worth fighting for.

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